Forever Fridays

Nov 12, 2021 Alison Morra

Back in 2008 when Inkhouse got its first office space, it was agreed upon that the entire agency would work from home each Friday. At the time, it was to get things done between meetings and calls and just the busyness that is PR. We had a no meeting and no call policy to enable thoughtfulness, focus, and breathing room to be creative and strategic. We continued that way until March of 2020.

COVID-19 upended everything including how and where we spend our working days. We are fully hybrid now, learning how we all do our best work and leaning into it as we move into the new new normal. Our offices are open to those who want to be there and people have the option to work from home as well. We want people to come in when they want to connect with their colleagues but we also want them to work where they feel they do it best. Every decision we make is in the service of doing good work for our clients and having happy employees. These two things are intertwined. We continue to be focused on making our Fridays a time of focus and to make space for creativity.   

In this new world of working remotely almost all of the time, we have become desperate to step away from our screens and have human interaction and time to think outside of our Zoom squares.  In 2020, we implemented Summer and Fall Fridays, where our team members can step away at 2pm to start their weekends early. 

Next year, we will also begin Forever Fridays where everyone will be able to sign off at 2 p.m. each and every Friday of the year to get an early start to their weekend. We will, of course, have coverage for clients.

We want Inkhouse to be the agency where the best people come to work, and the best work gets done for our clients. We hope these tweaks will help us all to bring our most creative and best selves to work each day.

Topics: Public Relations, Inkhouse Employees, The Future of Work, What's good for people is good for business
Alison Morra

Alison is the Chief Operations Officer at Inkhouse where she oversees HR, staffing, client service, training, and overall operations excellence.

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