InkHouse Supports Yes on 3 in Massachusetts

Oct 23, 2018 Beth Monaghan

On November 6, Ballot Question 3 in our headquarter of Massachusetts will ask voters to either vote “Yes” to uphold the law that provides protections for transgender people in public spaces, or “No” to vote it down.

We support Yes on 3. Inclusion is written into our company values, which state:

We generate the best ideas through diversity. It requires diversity of thought, gender, race and political views to get us to the best ideas. Great ideas are great when they stand the test of debate and when they get us to the unexpected place we didn’t know we’d find.”

To our transgender employees, friends, family members, and transgender people everywhere, come as you are. Not only are you welcome here, but you are valued.

Topics: #YesOn3, Voting, Massachusetts, Election Day
Beth Monaghan

Beth is the CEO of InkHouse, which she co-founded in 2007, and has grown into one of the fastest-growing PR firms in the nation with 100+ employees and four offices. Named one of the “Top Women in PR” by PR News, Beth is working to reinvent the PR agency model to bend it toward the kind of culture that catapults great ideas and jettisons the rules that no longer work. At InkHouse, Beth focuses on inventing and implementing the new strategies that shape the agency’s work.

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