PR and Social InkLings for the Week of April 2

Apr 06, 2012 Whitney Clifford

Google Glasses

On Wednesday, Google researchers launched a Google+ page for Project Glass, its augmented reality glasses project. The page shared a YouTube video teaser showing just what these sci-fi glasses are capable of: interacting with what you're seeing and acting as a smartphone, day planner, navigation system, camera and more. People are excited for the new technology, which Google is hoping to unveil next year—even Google’s Co-founder was caught modeling a pair. Now, I can neither confirm nor deny that I have jumped on the trendy non-prescription glasses bandwagon in years past, but eyewear for the sake of technology? That might just be a little too Jetsons for me. What do you think—will you be a four-eyed innovator?


Facebook Coming to NASDAQ

Although Facebook has not made an official announcement, reports say that the networking giant plans to list its shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market in May. So why NASDAQ and not the New York Stock Exchange? NASDAQ seems to hold the position of the favored venue for the biggest U.S. technology companies, with about twice as many technology corporations trading for more than $1 billion (according to data compiled by Bloomberg). For more info, including a report on other social media IPOs, read on here.


Pinterest: Moving up in the Ranks


For those of you still holding out, dismissing Pinterest as a site reserved for design gurus, art aficionados and wannabe Martha Stewarts, you might want to keep reading. At InkHouse, we quickly noticed what a huge impact Pinterest had on SEO, and now a new report touts Pinterest as the #3 social network in the U.S., coming in behind Facebook and Twitter. So you know you need to give Pinterest a chance, and now there are ways to better personalize your boards, as the site released a much-requested feature: the ability to customize your board cover pin, the most recent update to their redesign process that began last month. Learn more here and happy pinning!


Skype Slams Facebook and Twitter

In its recent campaign, “It’s Time for Skype,” video conferencing service Skype takes a swipe at social networking sites, suggesting that their technology is “degrading humanity.” Released in the U.K. on April 2 and expected to hit the U.S. in the coming months, the ads take direct aim at Facebook and Twitter, claiming that “140 characters don’t equal staying in touch” and encourages users to “upgrade from a wall post to a first class conversation.” Those are fighting words in my book, and here’s the funny/ironic part: Skype uses these very sites to promote its services—the campaign has a Twitter hashtag #timeforskype, and there’s also an integration feature that allows Facebook users to make video calls. So, is Skype the bully that steals your lunch and then tells you how bad it tastes while he’s eating it, or is it just trying to take an edgier approach, create a little controversy to rise above the din? Read more here and then send us your thoughts.

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Whitney Clifford

Whitney is Inkhouse's executive communications director. She believes kindness, hard work, and sarcasm can conquer most things. She lives on Cape Cod with her husband and two young daughters.

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