4 Tips for a Successful Facebook Live

Oct 05, 2017 admin

Facebook Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time on Facebook and while it can be intimidating, it’s completely worth doing. Facebook Live allows you to have a genuine and authentic conversation with your Facebook fans, and helps you to break through the News Feed thanks to the additional organic reach that comes with using it.

But when Facebook Live is, well, live, a lot can go wrong. Here are  four tips to help you plan ahead to ensure it goes smoothly.

1. Test the technology.

Whether you’re using a simple set-up using a phone and tripod, or a full camera and mic set-up, you want to be certain that everything will work. To test your technology and location, change your personal profile to have your posts shared with “only me” so that others don’t see your test live posts

2. Promote your Facebook Live ahead of time.

What good is a Facebook Live if no one attends? Since we all lead busy lives, your fans might not have time during the middle of the day to watch your live stream, especially if you don’t let them know beforehand. Consider asking for fans’ input on when you should host the Facebook Live, and at the very least, let them know when you’ll be going live.

3. Have a gameplan.

You need to think through all the logistics: know who is speaking, who is leading the conversation, and have your questions prepared in advance. Have your Facebook Live video title and caption ready so you can press live right when the clock strikes. Have someone checking the quality of the feed from outside of the room, in addition to someone monitoring comments from within the room. By nailing down your detailed  logistics, you'll know how to proceed in an uncertain event.

4. It doesn’t end when you hit end.

The live stream is over, but that doesn’t mean your work is done. Immediately following the event, post a comment thanking people for attending to indicate that it has ended for those who just logged on. Edit the settings of the published video to add in your subtitles and a custom thumbnail. Then standby and watch the video views roll in.

Need more help? InkHouse offers live broadcast services to help you plan and stream your Facebook Live.

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