7North: Where Strength Is Born

Oct 28, 2016 Jackie D'Andrea

When Beth first invited us to share our stories through a Golden Carrot talk, I was hesitant to participate. Sharing personal stories about what shapes you can be a frightening prospect. But, as I shared in my talk about my sons’ premature births and our family’s journey through the NICU, I realized that facing frightening situations and overcoming them can show you just how strong you are.

Over the past six years I’ve drawn on my NICU experiences in all aspects of my life - from celebrating the little victories and putting things in perspective to recognizing that I can learn something new from the most unexpected people and places.

To learn more about our NICU journey and the people who left a lasting impression on us, check out the video below, or read the full story here. 

 Click here to view InkHouse's full Golden Carrot video series.

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Jackie D'Andrea

Jackie’s passion for storytelling and eye for detail help her stay ahead of her clients’ needs across several industries, from higher education to security and tech. She’s responsible for knowing what’s hot in her clients’ industries, where the next opportunity lies, and what clients need before they ask. She thrives on the relationships she builds and is always looking for new ways to tell her clients’ stories.

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