AI Experimentation Becomes Reality

Oct 25, 2023 Dan O'Mahony

Last week we hosted a virtual “Meet the Press” panel event with top business and tech reporters to discuss the future of AI and the latest coverage trends. We spoke to: 

AI hype has remained strong since ChatGPT launched nearly a year ago. As people start comprehending this multifaceted technology, they want to know how AI will create real value in our personal and professional lives. And from a media standpoint, are we at the peak or is this the new normal?

The panelists explained we’ve entered this new, “less sexy” stage where companies are faced with turning AI experiments into real applications that are accurate, efficient, legal, secure and reliable. AI has gone mainstream, but it still isn’t being deployed as much as the hype might have one believe. Plus, hardware scarcity and the glacial path to regulation could create roadblocks for many companies trying to bring their products to market. 

How does this all shape media coverage around AI? Watch the recorded event to learn about the most promising AI developments, the reporters’ coverage areas, and what works when it comes to pitching credible sources, curating data, and standing out in a crowded news cycle. 


Dan O'Mahony

Dan is the West Managing Director at Inkhouse. He oversees Inkhouse’s growth in the western U.S., including San Francisco, Denver and Austin, building company culture and ensuring client-service excellence while helping drive the agency’s expansion into new services.

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