Are Infographics Really Dead?

May 18, 2016 admin

InkHouse PR CEO Beth Monaghan talks with PRWeek’s Diana Bradley

Our CEO and cofounder Beth Monaghan recently sat down with PRWeek to discuss the death of infographics. Beth shared two specific reasons why infographics are fading in popularity.

The first is reporters no longer have time to fact check every single piece of data that makes up the normal infographic. We are hearing more and more from reporters that their inboxes are overflowing with pitches and that they have a certain number of stories they must produce each day, week, month. They don’t have an hour to fact check an infographic, no matter how informative you think it is.

Another reason infographics are dying is that consumers have shorter attention spans. According to PR Week, Generation Z has an eight-second attention span - down four seconds from millennials. How can we combat this? For starters, shorten those infographics. We have found that infographics that are shorter in length and have some aspect of motion are more engaging when trying to reach a consumer audience.

Traditional infographics are dying, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the aspect of them back to life. Recently, InkHouse has been experimenting with alternative types of infographics. Here are a few:




Full video interview available now on PR Week

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