Are you a networking superstar? See How You Rank with LinkedIn’s newest tool

May 23, 2014 admin

We all know that to be successful in social networking one must share killer content, have an interesting point of view and engage with others to really make a splash. This week, LinkedIn reminded everyone that using their platform isn’t an exception to the rule as the company unrolled How You Rank.

How You Rank is an added feature to the popular Who’s Viewed Your Profile tool, which lets you see who is checking out your professional chops. Now, with the addition of How You Rank, you can finally see how you stack up against others in your network in terms of profile views.

How does it work?

LinkedIn will share your personal stats, which includes your numerical ranking within your contacts, as well as a percentage increase or decrease of your ranking in the last 30 days. Additionally, you will be able to see your top 10 most viewed connections and tips for updating your profile.

What’s the point?

In work, as in life, there is a lot we can learn from the people around us and in our professional circles. How You Rank lets you see the top networkers in your connections and allows you to get a feel for what they’re doing to increase their views. To further boost inspiration, LinkedIn is also offering personalized recommendations to help you optimize your profile, increase or change the kinds of content you share and recommends new professional groups to help you increase your visibility and open up opportunities for advancement.

So, why do we love it? Three reasons:

  1. We’re excited about the increased prospect of influencing and being influenced. In February, LinkedIn expanded its influencer program and created vast opportunity for thought leaders across every industry. How You Rank heightens the need to share original content and encourages engagement by sharing content from other industry leaders and thinkers.  Of course, this potential for increased amplification also reinforces the fact that blogging isn’t passé and that a focus on storytelling will go a long way.
  2. InkHouse is always looking for purple squirrels – those special people who possess more than great credentials, the ones who also have interesting perspectives, unique skills and have a knack for seeing what’s hot and what will come next. How You Rank’s ability to show us how viewers stumbled upon our profiles and help us determine if they could be a good addition to our amazing team.
  3. Recently graduated young professionals can get a handle on the job market in a faster, more efficient way and get a leg up in creating their personal and professional brand – which brings us back to the second reason we’re excited about How You Rank.

We’re excited to see How You Rank in action and continue to believe in the power of LinkedIn to connect us with the people we need to meet, shows us the perspectives we need to read and allow us – and our clients – to contribute to the conversation in an increasingly meaningful way.

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