Can you do a Q2 PR Plan Right now? A Video Q&A

Apr 02, 2020 Anne Baker

What on earth does a Q2 PR plan look like amid COVID-19? It looks a lot more short-term and flexible than the plans we’re all used to. We’re recommending a back-to-basics approach for media relations campaigns, and a digital-first approach for just about everything else. Most importantly, it’s going to require a deeply human and empathetic approach to connecting with your audiences. Watch our Q&A here.


Topics: PR industry
Anne Baker

For Anne, public relations is all about the storytelling. She considers her clients partners on a shared mission to craft the strongest narratives and get those narratives in front of the right people. Anne was the first Inkhouse employee in San Francisco and knows all too well the late nights and scrappiness required to get a start-up off the ground. Anne approaches public relations with a strong bias towards execution, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and provide strategic insight.

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