Code Conference and Mary Meeker: The 10 Internet Trends that Matter Most to PR

May 29, 2014 Beth Monaghan

Mary Meeker at Kleiner Perkins issued this year’s “Internet Trends 2014” report at Re/Code's Code conference yesterday. It’s 164 slides of fascinating information, but which things matter most to PR people? Here you go!

  1. The rumored tech bubble is not as big as some think. 2013 tech IPOs are still 73% below their 1999 peak. Venture financings, too, are 77% below their 2000 peak.
  2. Facebook leads social traffic referrals with 21%. Pinterest has 7% and Twitter has 1%.
  3. Buzzfeed is the top Facebook news publisher. Huffington Post, ABC News, Fox News and NBC follow.
  4. The BBC is the top Twitter news publisher. It is followed by The New York Times, Mashable, ABC News, CNN and Time.
  5. Buzzfeed’s formula works. It has 130MM+ unique visitors with 3x year over year growth. WOW!
  6. Apps are Replacing TV Channels. ESPN had 34MM digital users access ESPN just on smartphones/tablets. The BBC had 234MM requests for TV programs on iPlayer in February 2014. HBO counts 1,000+ hours of video content for HBO Go.
  7. YouTube Channels have Reach and are Growing! The music channel has 85MM subscribers, followed by gaming with 79MM, sports with 78MM, news with 35MM, etc.
  8. YouTube is birthing new stars. Video game commentator PewDiePi has 26MM subscribers.
  9. Fans, not Audiences! According to slide 114 that cites Alex Carloss from YouTube, “An audience tunes in when they’re told to, a fanbase chooses when and what to watch. An audience changes the channel when their show is over. A fanbase shares, comments, curates, creates….”
  10. TV viewing is losing ground. In 1950 TV sets accounted for 100% of viewing. In 2014 it accounts for 57%. DVRs account for 23%, connected TVs 10%, computers 6% and mobile devices 4%.

You can look through the full deck here.

Topics: Mobile, Social Media
Beth Monaghan

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