COVID-19 & Retail: A Q&A With CNBC’s Lauren Thomas

May 05, 2020 admin

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the retail industry, with the business impact and the unfortunate fallout within the space likely to last throughout the year.  

“The industry is going through a lot of change considering a lot of retail stores are closed right now,” Lauren Thomas, retail reporter at CNBC told me when we chatted this week about how her coverage has shifted due to the pandemic. “The pace and churn of stories have accelerated a lot.” 

Lauren gives us a glimpse into her life at CNBC and how with things changing by the hour, it’s all hands on deck. To hear more about what she is covering these days, and what she thinks will come next for the retail industry, check out the full Q&A here:

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Topics: Media Relations, Reporter Q&A, COVID-19, CNBC, retail industry

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