COVID-19’s Impact on PR Strategy & Approach: Q&A with Head of Global Security Communications at VMware Carbon Black

Jun 11, 2020 Jill Creelman

For cybersecurity PR teams, the past three months have been anything but ordinary. We’ve teamed up with our clients to shift PR strategies and messaging, as well as our overall approach with media, to ensure the right message is being communicated. This has come with some great successes, but also some learnings along the way. 

In a recent post, we surveyed 20 security marketers and 58% said they fully expect to have to shift their marketing strategy again this year, given the fluid nature of COVID-19. At InkHouse, we’re continuing to work with our clients to ensure the PR programs are meeting journalists where they’re at - often juggling work and kids at home, with shorter staff on their teams, and in need of factual data for their stories. 

Watch the video below to hear our client Ryan Murphy, Head of Global Security Communications at VMware Carbon Black, talk about how his role, strategy, and the way he communicates about PR internally have all shifted in these times.

Thanks to Ryan “Murph” Murphy for sharing his insights about the shift in his PR strategy, and for being a great resource for others in the industry on behalf of VMware Carbon Black.

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Jill Creelman

Jill is a vice president, based in Sacramento, Calif. With nearly nine years of agency experience, Jill is passionate about telling creative stories and moving the needle for fast-growing startups. She co-leads the security practice at Inkhouse and has taken companies through major financial milestones, from launching out of stealth and early financing rounds to IPOs and acquisitions. She helps spearhead the international partnership program at Inkhouse across EMEA and APJ for clients looking to expand efforts worldwide.

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