Five Updates to the 2014 Associated Press Stylebook

Oct 31, 2014 admin

The 2014 AP Stylebook is full of tricks and treats for writers as they peruse the newest edition of the journalistic-writing reference to keep their prose perfect. Packed with updates that have caused uproars from many linguists to some that have reflected the always-adapting English language, navigating the more than 500-page guide doesn’t have to be frightening – here are five of the most important updates:

  1. More than, over: An entry that has many writers up in arms, over is now OK to use in place of more than in reference to quantity. Editors enacted the change because over has become common usage; however, many writers are opting to stick with more than because it’s the norm in news writing.

  2. Updated state names: Gone are the days of memorizing which states require abbreviations and which ones are spelled out. Now, the names of all 50 U.S. states should be spelled out when used in the body of news stories. State names will continue to be abbreviated in datelines and lists.

  3. New chapter about religion: Reflecting the changing landscape of religions in the U.S. and across the globe, a new chapter compiles 208 entries, including extensive revisions, such as Advent, megachurch, nondenominational and religious movements.

    Read full AP Style guidelines

  4. Expanded food guidelines: More than three dozen new entries such as Buffalo wings, demi-glace, mixologist, vegan and vegetarian.

  5. Additional social media entries: Updates include emoji, Internet radio, selfie, Snapchat and Vine – all words that are now part of daily vocabulary.

Be sure to follow @APStylebook for live updates and to participate in the grammar conversation.

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