Getting to Know Yourself: Community BuzzFeed Quizzes

Oct 27, 2014 admin

BuzzFeed quizzes. You’re not always sure how you ended up there, but you now know which obscure Star Wars character you are. Mine is E-3PO aka the Silver Protocol Droid.

We’ve discussed this incredibly viral trend in previous blog posts (InkHouse’s Rachael Tucker is “Posh Spice,” of course) but earlier this month, BuzzFeed announced that, in addition to making their own lists, community members are now able to make and publish their own quizzes.

This is exciting news – and here’s why: quizzes are a great tool to encourage high engagement with users and drive website traffic. In the world of media and PR, anything that helps drive engagement and web traffic are valuable, helping to grow a brand’s influence. Not only are the quizzes engaging, but make for great viral content with volumes of readers sharing their results across their social networks. Case-in-point: The New York Times’ most visited story last year was not an editorial article but rather a quiz about regional dialect within in the US..

Now, BuzzFeed has made it easy to create your own quiz and begin engaging your audience, driving web traffic and generating a higher brand profile. Below are three ways to use an online quiz for your company:

  1. Product launches: create a Checklist Quiz to reveal to your audience how much they need your new offering. Example here.
  2. Feedback: Using answers from a Single Question Quiz, you can share your point of view and begin discussion around it. Example here.
  3. A Personality Quiz is a great way to engage audiences and align their interests with your offerings/services. Example here.

So give it a go and try adding an online quiz to your PR toolbox.

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