How An Integrated PR Agency Drives Your Rebrand

Jul 01, 2019 Ed Harrison

Contemplating a rebrand? The new start that comes with a rebrand is an exciting chance for a “clean slate,” to create something better for the benefit of customers, employees and partners. A new name, a striking logo and a modern and engaging website herald the possibilities that accompany a rebrand. 

Exciting? Sure. But wow, they are a lot of work…with a lot of moving parts. A rebrand’s new beginning is truly just the beginning of the process — one that requires broad oversight and coordination between internal marketing and external agency partners. 

Traditionally, the PR firm has been siloed from the process — staying squarely at the top of the funnel, implementing completed brand guidelines developed by a separate creative agency. 

Within that silo, the PR agency followed a rote, joyless playbook:
  1. Get handed a completed brand guideline deck.
  2. Update existing messaging while trying to align with the new guidelines.
  3. Announce the rebrand!
  4. The creative agency is taking care of everything else.

Integrated PR Changes the Rebrand Playbook

An integrated approach changes that, extending PR from the top of the funnel to a central place in the marketing constellation. Starting with the foundation of storytelling, we implement content, search, social, other digital strategies and offline campaigns to drive action — and ensure a consistent, compelling message. Integrated PR is the glue that ensures communications programs complement, and even magnify, one another — while also creating a framework to measure the efficacy of unified marketing campaigns. 

InkHouse has been directly involved in many of our clients’ rebrands — and our integrated approach played a critical role, delivering key benefits such as:

Consistency. An integrated PR program ensures your story is consistent throughout — and there are a lot of parts that make up the whole story. From owned content to earned media to digital campaigns, design assets like logos, infographics and videos, it’s imperative that all the elements tell the same story to ensure the new messaging resonates with your target audiences. 

Coordination. Rebrands feature a laundry list of tactics, deadlines and players. It’s imperative to keep things aligned in order for a shift to occur quickly and effectively — with a single agency owning a “single version of the truth,” ensuring that the latest updates are reflected across owned, earned and paid campaigns.

Optimization. A single agency ensures that each program is optimized to maximize results. Earned media is strategically amplified to ensure the right audiences actually see the coverage. Design elements serve multiple goals — a single visual can promote a company’s solutions and anchor outreach campaigns. Integrating search strategy with content programs improves the organic visibility of owned and earned assets — and allows fine-tuning to increase the utility of content. 

Working with one agency with in-house creative services and digital marketing strategists to execute your rebrand helps maximize outcomes, decreases stress and removes the communication silos that can come with a multi-agency approach. 

Considering a rebrand? Looking for an integrated PR partner that has done this before across multiple industries? Drop us a line to hear about some of our rebranding work across our practice areas.

Ed Harrison

Ed Harrison oversees Inkhouse’s growth in the eastern U.S., including Boston and New York, building company culture and ensuring client-service excellence while helping drive the agency’s expansion into new markets and geographies.

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