How To Get In A Creative Mindset While Working Remotely

Mar 27, 2017 Jen Weber

When a snowstorm racks the Boston area (even in mid-March), we appreciate being able to work remotely and avoid the commute. But we at InkHouse also believe in flexibility and creativity — supported by a central “work perk” that we can work from home every Friday.

Our fearless leader, Beth, has always considered the well-being of her employees to be a priority, fostering a progressive and innovative workplace. This policy not only allows for us to live better lives, but it also helps fuel creativity in the workplace and produce a happier, healthier workforce. How? By helping us disconnect from the frantic day-to-day pace. When we live better, happier lives, we’re more motivated and ready to explore new ideas, think outside the box and come up with the most creative ideas. That’s when the real magic happens.

So how can you find that spark of creativity? Different tactics work for different people, but I asked my coworkers at InkHouse about what best motivates them when they’re working remotely.

Below you will find some tips that will hopefully inspire you to test new ways to unleash your creativity, as they did for me.

  • “Even if I'm sitting at the same couch or table, I switch my spot on the couch or at the table. I never work from the same place two Fridays (or days) in a row!”Dani Leopold, Account Coordinator
  • “I am always one for talking things out - so not being afraid to call your teammates to discuss something is huge. Just because you're remote doesn't mean you need to be alone!” Grace Lynch, Assistant Account Executive
  • “I go for a short walk down to Fort Mason where I can see the Golden Gate bridge. The fresh air, movement, and lovely views help me hit 'refresh' if I'm stuck on an idea.”Anne Baker, Vice President
  • "Light a few candles, put on your favorite playlist and take 2 minute dance breaks every hour or so." Harrison Calato, Assistant Account Executive
  • “I have a huge vinyl/LP collection. I will close my eyes and pick something new to listen to when I'm stuck on a writing project, and go with that. And you have to listen to what you pick, whether it's conducive to writing or what.” — Ed Harrison, Senior Vice President
  • “Eating a big breakfast before I start working (eggs, fruit, granola, smoothie and/or toast, you name it) helps to fuel my creativity for the rest of the day at home. #brainfood”Skye McIvor, Account Executive
  • “Creating a clean and bright, separate workspace, so I'm not distracted by at-home projects in other areas of my apartment. I recently got a computer monitor so I can have a couple screens to extend my project space (and my viewpoint too). It's made a huge difference!” Rachel Nelson, Account Manager
  • “I take my french bulldog, Mila, on quick walks around the block. Getting fresh air helps me think of new and creative ideas!” — Mackenna Scripps, Assistant Account Executive
  • “I find more excuses to actually talk to people. When I'm WFH I'll reach out to team members on G-chat and then ask for a quick call. It helps me feel more connected to the team.” Jackie D'Andrea, Account Director
  • “I have a big sketch book and coloring pens that I use in the morning of WFH days to brainstorm new ideas or solve issues. I also take breaks to foam roll or do quick exercise to keep myself alert and fresh during the day. I would do that in the office too, but I assume that it would be distracting to others!” Kate Bachman, Account Manager
  • “I always get my "busy work" done ASAP, then make a cup of tea, burn a candle and try to get my flow on!” Maggie Roth, Account Coordinator
  • “Embrace distractions (to an extent). Whenever I hit a roadblock, I take a step back. Sometimes I walk the dog, other times I read an article or watch some TV. By exposing myself to something beyond what's on my "to do" list, I typically come back to it refreshed and with more creative thoughts.” Nathan Mellor, Account Manager
  • “I stand at my kitchen island - keeps me alert!”Tina Cassidy, Executive Vice President
  • “I work at a table or desk rather than on the couch. This helps me get in the zone and not get tired and fall asleep.”Danielle Laurion, Account Manager
  • “I always light my favorite lavender candle and listen to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist.” Hannah Biehn, Account Coordinator
  • “Don't be a hermit! When you're working from home you need to be disciplined, but sometimes it's too easy to fall into a routine ...wait did I leave the house today? Get away from your computer and out of the house at least once - a walk, coffee, lunch - it'll give you the reset you need. Cathy Corwin, ‎Senior Media Specialist
  • “Get up and get ready like it was a normal day like showering and eating breakfast. You will be more focused and productive, ready to work.” Andrew Talbot, Assistant Account Executive
  • “I cater my playlists to find balance. Spanish guitar is for sluggish days, atmospheric for when I need to slow down and focus on one task.Lauren McAuliffe, Senior Graphic Designer
  • “I like to work in coffee shops on WFH days because it keeps me accountable! Since there's so many people working around you, it's easy to stay motivated and focused. Also, can’t complain about the opportunities for caffeine consumption!” Olivia Morley, Account Coordinator
  • “When I'm working from home, I pick up publications and magazines to read across multiple verticals. Reading a wide range of topics always sparks new ideas for me!” Veronica Richardson, Account Executive
  • “Remember to take breaks. At work you can turn to your desk mate and chat or sit at the picnic tables and work with someone else. At home I need to remind myself to get up and move around so that my day has more structure.”Molly Kalan, Senior Account Executive
  • “To clear my mind and come back energized, I like to go for a quick 10-15 minute run or in the winter, doing a quick cardio workout of similar length.” Christine Lewis, Account Director
  • “I find it's so easy to get distracted when emails are coming in, so I like to minimize my email. That way, I can be fully immersed in a project. If I do this, I'll let a few team members know that I won't be quick to respond to email.” — Alexis Farraye, Account Executive
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Jen Weber

Jen is an account director based out of Inkhouse's Boston office. Prior to Inkhouse, Jen gained communication experience working as the Community Relations Coordinator at WHDH-7News and local Boston PR agencies. Jen graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University, receiving a B.S. in Communication and a minor in business administration.

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