Losing Friends and Fans on Facebook

Oct 06, 2010 admin

Time Magazine has an interesting piece out today on how to lose friends on Facebook. It’s based on a study done by the University of Denver, which finds that the things that annoy real friends are pretty much the same things that annoy virtual friends. I for one am tired of all of the Farmville updates that clog up my Facebook feed. Not surprisingly, people don’t like lots of political or religious comments – although I always enjoy a good debate!

This is a good reminder for companies who are seeking to build up their fan bases on Facebook as well. No one wants to hear about the 12th product update today, and few care about your new Web site or the award you just won. While these are important things for your company and employees, it’s always good to use them sparingly.

A company’s social media presence should create space for conversations. There are certainly times for pushing out messages from your brand, but also look for places to seek interaction with your fans. And remember the power of humor. You want to give people a reason to come back to your page once they leave. If they are entertained, the odds of a return visit are much greater.

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