Say Hello To LinkedIn Video For Influencers

Aug 12, 2016 admin

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and most recently Instagram have all embraced video features to further strengthen their channels - so it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is now stepping up to the plate to hit a homerun with its video Q&As.

When first rolled out, LinkedIn will only allow its ‘Influencers’ to post 30-seconds-or-shorter videos that answer questions pertaining to themes such as leadership, workplace success or any trending industry topic. Wait - only Influencers can use it? Don’t feel left out just yet. While it’s currently open to a select group, the feature will likely be expanded to all LinkedIn users (similar to the Publishing platform). The short clips will serve as yet another place to share ideas and knowledge through the hottest medium on the block.

So, once the these video Q&As become available to the rest of LinkedIn's 433 million users (and counting), how can you take advantage of this feature to bolster your LinkedIn presence and further engage your audience? Use it to...

1. Develop rich, palpable content: We all know video is where it’s at these days. With this new feature, it will be a breeze to create content that is succinct and able to be used across a variety of different channels. Who has time (or the will) to read a 2,000 word blog post? Hardly anyone. Who has time to watch a 30-second-or-shorter video summarizing the exact same topic as the post? Pretty much everyone.

2. Become a thought leader in your field: Do you know a thing or two about social media? Workplace wellness? Emerging technologies? The job market? Crisis communications? Anything else? The video feature will allow executives to strut their stuff and share their expertise in specific fields or industries, while keeping it to the point.

3. Connect with both new & current audiences: While LinkedIn is a place to build both personal and company brands, it can be tough capturing the attention of your desired audiences. With these videos, you'll be able to create new opportunities for engaging with your connections and comment on the clips they are posting. 

Lights, camera, action - get excited for what’s on the horizon for LinkedIn Video!

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