Storify Upgrades its Platform to Embrace Collaboration

Oct 10, 2014 admin


If you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t need a lesson in the power of social media to bring your message to the masses. However, with a relentless timeline of real-time tweets and Facebook posts, it can be challenging to extract stories and themes.

This is where Storify comes in handy. In case you’re not familiar with it, Storify is a Web platform that allows you to curate and publish social information from around the Web into one central location. Its beauty is it allows you to aggregate a collection of social elements from many voices and then publish them as a singular story. If you’re in need of an example of this platform (and a laugh), enjoy the best case of viral marketing I’ve seen in a while: The Storify of a guy live tweeting a couple’s breakup on the roof of his apartment building. We’ve used Storify several times here on the InkHouse blog and reporters often use it as reporting tool, assembling differing points of view on a topic, like this one by Matthew Ingram – or for gathering a selection of social posts from a news event, like this one from Andy Carvin.

As the next stage of its evolution (and likely as a move to bring some additional revenue in for their owner, Livefyre), Storify announced an enterprise version this week which included a redesigned homepage, an updated story editor and a host of new features. Targeted at its big name publishing customers like BBC, Yahoo! and HBO, these new features offer a premium option to those seeking to optimize their online storytelling.

Most notably, Storify has taken a page from Google’s notebook, offering more opportunity for real-time collaboration. Much like with Google documents, with Storify Enterprise you can now have multiple people editing, adding to and fact-checking stories all at the same time. The new platform also features integration with Google Analytics, SEO compatibility and premium-only support technicians. By using analytics to determine the successes of your stories, you can inform your future strategies, honing your ability to create engaging content.

Finally, as a light-hearted bonus, the folks at Storify have hidden a few Easter eggs around their website - including, strangely, an image of Matt Damon somewhere on their homepage. We’ll go ahead and leave that one to you to find on your own.

Storify is an obvious tool for consumer-facing brands, but it can also inject personality into b2b technology companies and non-profits that are seeking to break down the walls that separate them from customers. Ultimately, no matter what vertical you’re in, if your business values social media as a core part of your engagement strategy, Storify provides a tool that can bring it to life.

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