Three Questions With Gigamon’s Chief Information Security Officer, Jack Hamm

Aug 05, 2019 Jessica Bettencourt

Over the past few weeks, the InkHouse Security Practice has collected insightful perspectives from some of the greatest in infosec, ranging from veteran journalists to heads of security and beyond, all gearing up for Black Hat USA. The event week is finally here, and today, we’re pleased to bring you our latest Q&A with our client Gigamon’s Chief Information Security Officer, Jack Hamm.

jack hamm

The Gigamon team is headed to Black Hat to present a speaking session titled, “Building the Next Generation of Security Talent - Operational Training and Security Internships.” The can’t miss session will be led by William Peteroy, Gigamon’s Security Chief Technology Officer and Alex Sirr, Gigamon’s Security Engineer, Applied Threat Research. Get all the details here.

Here’s what else Jack is looking forward to while at Black Hat USA this week:

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year? What gets you most excited about Black Hat?

[Jack Hamm]: The Gigamon Insight team’s talk on building the next generation of security talent, a topic that is critically important to all cybersecurity leaders. I always enjoy connecting with peers and checking in with vendors. I also love visiting the Network Operations Center and seeing our Gigamon team in action - it’s nice knowing we take part in defending the conference

Q: What are some trending topics you expect to take center stage this year?

[Jack Hamm]: Given the talent gap, I’d expect emphasis on automation and orchestration which is going to be the only way we can continue to address the increasing workload faced by most security teams. I also expect to hear a lot about third party risk management given some of the recent breaches related to vendor-customer interconnections. 

Q: Any tips you’d like to share with our readers who may be attending Black Hat for the first time?

[Jack Hamm]: Bring a burner laptop and use a VPN. Make sure to enjoy the shenanigans of hacked ATMs, televisions and elevators. Have a plan for talks and vendor meetings; there is way more to do than there is time. Make sure to bring desert appropriate clothing. It’s toasty in Vegas during the summer!

Jack, thank you for taking the time to share your insider tips and tricks with us. We look forward to seeing you and the Gigamon team in action at Black Hat USA this week!

Please visit our blog to read up on more expert Q&As from our “Black Hat: Under the Hood” content series.

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Jessica Bettencourt

As a vice president at Inkhouse, Jessica co-leads the agency’s security practice, running strategic, integrated communications programs for brands such as Raytheon Intelligence & Space and VMware. With over a decade of communications experience, Jessica is passionate about upleveling her clients' technical expertise to tell compelling stories that resonate with key audiences.

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