Three Things We're Stoked to See at Collision 2016

Apr 26, 2016 Anne Baker

For the second year in a row, InkHouse is headed off to the Collision Conference to see and mingle with the best and brightest when it comes to emerging technology companies. Last year’s event in Las Vegas was a phenomenal (ahem) collision of up-and-coming start-ups and major tech superstars (hello Stuart Butterfield). 

This year, we’re trekking to the national capitol of jazz and po’boys: New Orleans. Here are three things we’re excited to see:

1.  Chris Altchek, CEO of Mic: Altcheck is speaking on a panel called “The Changing Face of Online Media” with Marty Moe, president of Vox, and Jemima Kiss, head of technology at The Guardian. As someone who reads an absurd amount of news on the internet, I have a personal interest in what I’m sure will be a fascinating panel about some promising players in the future of journalism. But. I’m really just anxious for Altechek to talk about that New York Times story about what happens when millennials run the workplace. It caused a long of hot takes and hand wringing, and I’m hopeful he’ll talk about the reaction, whether he felt it was fair, and if employees are really allowed to lie about why they’re out of the office.

2.  Sports: This year, Collision dedicated a stage to sports! Topics range from everything to virtual reality to how social media impacts sports watching to the future of collision sports. I’m an enthusiastic but uninformed sports fan, but sports are a fascinating lens through which to look at some of the most exciting developments in tech. After all, sports are a unifying force in America – so how can technology bring us closer to them? I’m excited to find out.

3.  PITCH: A core component of Collision is its PITCH contest, where start-ups have the opportunity to pitch investors, tech luminaries, and even a PR person or two. Last year’s winner was one of the coolest companies I’ve ever come across – re:3D, a 3D printing company run by former NASA employees, with women holding the majority of leadership positions. I’m looking forward to seeing who competes, and ultimately wins, this year.

Want to follow along with the fun? Follow @inkhousepr and @anne_baker on Twitter for live updates! Send me your recommendations for who and what I can’t miss.

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Anne Baker

For Anne, public relations is all about the storytelling. She considers her clients partners on a shared mission to craft the strongest narratives and get those narratives in front of the right people. Anne was the first Inkhouse employee in San Francisco and knows all too well the late nights and scrappiness required to get a start-up off the ground. Anne approaches public relations with a strong bias towards execution, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and provide strategic insight.

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