Three Tips for Bringing Holiday Magic to your Social Campaigns

Dec 15, 2015 admin

‘Tis the season where people everywhere are decking the halls and hitting the malls for all things holiday-related. For marketers, it’s the season to drive products and services into the spotlight to capitalize on the busiest shopping season of the year. Your company most likely already has social campaigns in place to promote your holiday offerings, but you may be feeling like your messages are getting lost in the seasonal shuffle. This is understandable, with last year’s e-Commerce orders from social media growing a staggering 202 percent and two-thirds of marketers hiking their spending in social media this Q4. Even though the countdown is on, there is still time to tweak your campaigns to optimize your investment across social media and propel your messages forward. Below are three tips to help bring some holiday magic to your social campaigns to stand out from the rest.

1. Personalize your offers.
A recent trend report reveals that 78 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy products if a retailer provides targeted and personalized offers. With the overwhelming gifts offers of all types during the holidays, a thoughtful promotion tailored to a specific audience’s interests goes a long way. Scrolling through social media news feeds in December can put a consumer on auto-pilot, but a personalized message is sure to catch their eye. Not only do niche messages and tailored audiences please consumers amidst the chaos, it can also benefit your company to avoid major holiday keywords in promotions. Major retailers are investing millions of dollars across social paid promotions and have general holiday keywords in their back pockets to guarantee their promotions are front and center as consumers search Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for gifts. Unless you have the bucks to bid against the Targets and Best Buys of the world, your promotions will most likely fall flat in the general “Happy Holidays” keywords arena. Take advantage of these social channels and their advanced advertising platforms to tailor your audience and keywords to the most valuable, niche market that will truly resonate with what you’re offering.

2. Make it easy to shop anywhere.
Online shopping is shaping up to surpass brick-and-mortar stores in the coming years during the holiday season. Even more notably, mobile commerce sales this season are expected to account for 32 percent of all holiday retail sales. Regardless of where folks are shopping, 78 percent will consult resources online to research gifts before purchasing. What does this mean for marketers? Shopping needs to be accessible anywhere. Social media promotions, whether organic or paid content, should drive shoppers to your products or services that can be purchased easily and efficiently regardless of device. While some companies are still struggling to make their shopping experience mobile-friendly, you can make your remaining social content stand out by highlighting just how shoppers can purchase your gifts this season – from store to desktop, to tablet, to mobile – and call out how easy it is to check off another gift from their lists. Shoppers will appreciate your attention to detail that helps ease their holiday stress during crunch time.

3. Promote giving back.
In the clutter of “buy now” messages, promoting how to give back this season is refreshing for consumers looking to take a step back and remember what the holidays are all about. Is your company supporting a cause this season? Enlist your customers in your charitable efforts! Shoppers may have every intention of making a holiday donation, but in the hustle and bustle they may not know where to begin. Supporting a cause through a brand they love is an easy way for consumers to give back among the rest of their holiday to-dos. Macy’s “Believe” campaign is a great example that encourages shoppers to write a letter to Santa to help raise $1 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Your letter can be written through their website or their complementary app that lets you spruce up your note with stickers and fancy lettering. If your social content could use a refresher in the final weeks before the holidays, showcasing how to give back is a great way to boost brand advocacy and more inviting content to combat consumer burnout.

As we round the corner into the final shopping week before the holidays, we hope these tips can bring a little cheer to your content and campaigns. A tweak in your messaging can help put a twinkle back into the tired eyes of shoppers across your social media channels and generate last-minute sales around promotions that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

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