TV: The Most Trusted and Preferred News Source

Apr 10, 2014 Beth Monaghan

We love TV. We prefer it and trust it the most. In fact, 73% of Americans cite television as their preferred source of news, according to a study we did in partnership with GMI Lightspeed of 1,000 Americans ages 18+. News websites came in second with 52% and print magazines & newspapers came in third with 36%.

We also found some directional clues in our data. Of those between the ages of 25 and 44, 60% chose news websites after TV, compared to 43% of those ov

er age 55. And of those who consider themselves to be tech-savvy, only 37% trust TV (compared to 50% of those who consider themselves not to be tech-savvy).

Don’t get us wrong. Online video is growing dramatically and will continue to do so. DigiDay offered a succinct article with important statistics including this: ComScore reports that in the U.S., 89 million people watch 1.2 billion online videos every day. But traditional television is a critical channel, and one that comes with built-in credibility. Yet not all brands have the right assets for TV coverage. Remember the tenets: your story must be visual, timely, easy to understand (craft a story for the average American), and brief!

We asked questions about lots of other topics – from Buzzfeed, to Facebook, email versus social media and the trustworthiness of press releases. You can view the full results in our ebook, Read It, Watch It, or Tweet It – How Americans Read and Share News.

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Beth Monaghan

Beth is the CEO of Inkhouse, which she co-founded in 2007 and has grown into one of the top ranked agencies in the country. Beth’s been recognized as one of the Top Women in PR by PR News, the Top 25 Innovators by The Holmes Report and as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Beth believes that shared values, and the freedom to create are the foundations of all meaningful work. She brings this philosophy to building a culture of creative progress at Inkhouse.

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