What It Takes for Career-Driven Women to Have It All

Feb 05, 2016 admin

The future of the workplace is in our hands, says Beth Monaghan

It’s the age old question: As women, can we have it all? According to InkHouse’s CEO Beth Monaghan, the answer is yes. She is a strong believer that the future of the workplace depends on the skills that women possess, such as empathy and emotional intelligence. That’s why she’s made it her mission to find a way to instill confidence in her teams, so that they can go on to change the rules -- both at work and at home.

As public relations professionals, we work in an industry where storytelling is our craft. That ability to tell great stories comes from a creativity that needs to be nurtured – often by outside endeavors. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that makes InkHouse so unique.

In order to make having it all a reality, a company must recognize the changes that are necessary. For example, last year InkHouse decided to shift the measure of value from time served to great ideas. If you want to foster an environment of intelligent, confident and creative people, it’s important to empower them to work in the ways that best fuel creativity, creating a balance between their day job and their outside passions.

Today, the Boston Business Journal featured InkHouse’s CEO Beth Monaghan as part of their Women of Influence column, and for good reason. InkHouse was recently acknowledged within the BBJ’s Book of Lists no less than four times (Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Massachusetts; Best Places to Work: Small Companies; Largest Minority/Women-Owned Businesses in Massachusetts; Largest Public Relations Firms in Massachusetts). As the co-founder and CEO of a company that has grown to 85 employees in just nine years, Beth shares the challenges she has faced, what it takes to adapt in an industry that is in a constant state of change, and how she empowers her teams along the way.

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