What’s Happening Now in Media: A Video Q&A With Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch

Dec 14, 2020 Dan O'Mahony

I had the pleasure of chatting with Alex Wilhelm, senior editor at TechCrunch last week. We talked about what’s trending in the media, how he finds story ideas and experts on Twitter, his perspective on the growing anti-press sentiment in Silicon Valley (hint: he doesn’t lose sleep over it), and what his team’s doing to diversify news sources for articles and speakers at TechCrunch events. 

While Alex’s usually focused on covering late stage companies on the cusp of going public or the IPO process, he doesn’t like to stay in one box. “I like to keep my feet in earlier parts of startup land because founders are much more open when their companies are small, and so you can develop a bit of rapport which is nice...When you talk to these younger companies you can get an earlier perspective.”

How has his coverage changed? “It’s been all over the place...I’ve covered insurtech this year as well as fintech and international venture capital trends. There’s so much more news than people to write about it in tech so you end up scattershot.” 

To hear more about Alex’s perspective on today’s media trends and the best ways PR people can work with him, check out the full Q&A here:

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Dan O'Mahony

Dan is the West Managing Director at Inkhouse. He oversees Inkhouse’s growth in the western U.S., including San Francisco, Denver and Austin, building company culture and ensuring client-service excellence while helping drive the agency’s expansion into new services.

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