Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Feedly

Mar 15, 2013 admin

Twitter has been buzzing since Google announced that they would be killing off Google Reader come July 1. Some people are skeptical, citing the announcement as a stunt for PR. Many people are upset. Google Reader is, after all, something of a lifeline for PR and marketing professionals, as well as journalists and bloggers. It is an easy, one-stop spot to get all of the news of the day, from every online publication imaginable, in real time.

But like TechCrunch’s Matt Burns writes, the Internet – and professionals – really will be just fine without Google Reader. In fact, several publications have already shared the different tools that can easily take its place. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our new friend, Feedly.

Feedly is a curation tool  that organizes websites into a magazine-like start page, creating a comprehensive location where you can read the news that matters most to you.

Feedly has already started preparing for Reader users to make the shift over to their platform, writing that this is something they had been expecting for a long time. The company has created a project called Normandy, which is a clone of the Google Reader API and runs on the Google App Engine. Once Reader shuts down, Feedly will make a seamless transition.

By logging in through your Google account, everything you need will automatically sync to Feedly. Another benefit of moving to the site? It integrates with iOS and Android operated smart phones. Additionally, Feedly is highly customizable, and they have developed an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to making it work for you.

Change isn’t always easy, but we think Feedly is a smart, beautiful tool that will make the transition easier – and we may never look back.

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