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Proud to be Part of the Boston Community

April 16, 2013 Beth Monaghan

Like all business owners in Boston, when I saw news about the explosions yesterday, I instantly began working to make sure everyone was okay. Last night at 6 p.m., I received the last and most anxiously awaited email. The subject line was “I’m safe” and it was from an InkHouse employee who was running the marathon.

As I listen to the reports of the injured and lost today, my heart breaks all over again with each painful detail. And today, I came in to an InkHouse team that was sad, but strong. Seeing the sorrow on their faces has been hard, but being in their company has been a comfort and a privilege on this hard day.

What I will remember about this bombing is how Boston has come together. It has taken my breath away. From tweets throughout the night offering housing to anyone who needed it, to all of our beautiful clients who emailed us to make sure we were all okay.

Of Boston, Joe Keohane wrote in this exquisite Esquire piece, “Boston Bombing: Toward the Good”:

“Yes, it can be a markedly unfriendly town—I’m not the first to point out that Marathon Monday is the happiest day of the year in what can be an otherwise fractious and standoffish burgh—but anyone who has a deeper understanding of the place knows that while Boston is hard to crack, once you’re in, you’re in. The people are ferociously loyal and have inexhaustible reserves of heart. All of which we saw yesterday, as marathon attendees raced into danger to help the fallen.”

Fortunate that we all evaded potential harm, I am left with the wonderful reminder that often terrible hatred can breed unparalleled kindness and support. We are grateful for all that we have today at InkHouse and are so proud to be part of this amazing city.

Today at InkHouse, we paused for a lunch together…because we are lucky that we can. (Thank you to Tina Cassidy for suggesting this closing.)

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