10 Climate Change Media Influencers To Follow

Apr 21, 2021 admin

Elon and Greta aren’t the only two climate change influencers. We encourage you to follow these top journalists covering important topics such as corporate sustainability, the evolution of cleantech and the broader energy transition. 

#1: Amy Harder, former Axios journalist, currently leading new Breakthrough Energy journalism initiative [@AmyAHarder / 52.5K followers]

#2: Joel Makower, Cofounder of GreenBiz [@makower / 41K followers]

#3: Brady Dennis, Environment Reporter at Washington Post [@brady_dennis  / 13.5K followers]

#4: Russell Gold, Energy Reporter at The Wall Street Journal [@russellgold / 20.5K followers]

#5: Jon Shieber, Climate Change & Tech Writer at FootPrint Coalition [@jshieber / 18.6K followers]

#6: James Temple, Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review [@jtemple / 20.2K followers]

#7: Jeff St. John, Editor in Chief at Canary Media [@jeffsaintjohnn /4K followers] 

#8: Akshat Rathi, Energy Reporter at Bloomberg [@AkshatRathi / 17.2K followers]

#9: Brad Plumer, Climate Reporter at the New York Times [@bradplumer / 42.8K followers] 

#10: Ben Geman, Energy Reporter at Axios [Ben_Geman / 17.5K followers]

Learn more about our energy and climate tech practice or ask us a question at workwithus@inkhouse.com. 

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