7 Reasons I love InkHouse San Francisco

Apr 22, 2015 Anne Baker

I’ve been working at InkHouse for two and a half years (!) and if there is one thing I know, it’s this:  I love it here. I love everything about InkHouse. I’m proud to work at a company that is leading when it comes to work/life balance. I’m proud of our growth. I’m proud of our forward-thinking on women in leadership issues. And, oh yeah, I’m pretty darn proud of our work, too.

This past fall, InkHouse Senior Vice President Tina Cassidy wrote an Inklings Post about why she loved to work at InkHouse. I thought it might be my turn to do the same, only with a different flavor. I moved to the west coast last year to be part of the founding team of InkHouse’s San Francisco office. It’s been an incredible experience and I am, as ever, proud to be part of the InkHouse team. Here are my seven reasons why I love working in the InkHouse San Francisco office (and why I think you might love it here, too).

1. I work with my friends Once upon a time, I made an appearance in an InkHouse video where I described what made InkHouse awesome. “I like everybody who works here.” That, thankfully, hasn’t changed. I do like everyone who works here. Whether they’re giving me sartorial advice, helping me sort out a challenging question from a client, or impersonating the Long Island medium, everyone at InkHouse brings an element of joy and fun to each task. Mondays, amazingly, don’t actually suck when you work with your friends.

2. Sometimes we eat In-n-Out for lunch


3. We’re proud - When I first met Jessica Elkus, my fellow Account Manager in San Francisco, she asked me what I liked about InkHouse. “I’m proud to work here,” I told her. She later told me she had never heard anyone describe working at a PR firm that way. But it’s not just me – we all share the same sense of pride in our agency, its leadership, and the work we do here. It’s pretty neat.

4. We work for Meg, Beth and JasonOne of my all-time favorite people, Lisa Mokaba, often says that no matter how stressful this job gets, it’s all going to be okay because we work for Meg and Beth. That’s true and they’re amazing! But here in San Francisco, we also work for Jason Morris, the GM of this office. Jason is a smart, kind, steadfast leader who, not unlike Coach Taylor (which we sometimes call him), keeps us all on track.

5. We’re not bad at this jobSometimes it can be discouraging to work in this field, particularly anytime I see a reporter tweeting about annoying PR people. But I work with a coalition of smart, engaged people who work hard to be as thoughtful as possible in every element of their work, whether it’s media relations, content development or pushing the boundaries of what’s next in this industry.

6. We all have an impact - The best part about working in an office with ten people? The ability to have an impact in a really tangible way. See a cool new tool that might make sense for our clients? It doesn’t matter your official role in our office – speak up and it’s yours to own and be the expert on. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed and stand up.

7. We dance at 3:55 PM every day for one song

Sounds like InkHouse might be a place where you'd like to work, too? Great news - we're hiring! Email jobs@inkhouse.com for more details.

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Anne Baker

For Anne, public relations is all about the storytelling. She considers her clients partners on a shared mission to craft the strongest narratives and get those narratives in front of the right people. Anne was the first Inkhouse employee in San Francisco and knows all too well the late nights and scrappiness required to get a start-up off the ground. Anne approaches public relations with a strong bias towards execution, doing whatever it takes to get the job done and provide strategic insight.

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