Companies Giving Back on Earth Day 2019

Apr 22, 2019 Bristol Whitcher Rice

Each year, hundreds of millions of people around the world come together to appreciate, reflect and take action to preserve our collective home, Planet Earth. While I wish we all shared Neil deGrasse Tyson’s passion for Earth Day, the symbolic holiday still serves as a powerful reminder that we need to come together to secure our climate future. After all, it can be said with 99.9999% certainty that humans are the cause of global warming, so doesn’t it only make sense that we try and solve the problem we undoubtedly created?

On an individual level, it may seem difficult, even impossible, to tackle such a large-scale problem. Lucky for us, some of the world’s biggest brands are taking a stand and encouraging all of us to enact change.

Here are a few companies that are making a difference on Earth Day 2019:

A Petition to Make Earth Day a National Holiday

For more than 50 years, The North Face has held true to its mission — to provide the best gear for its athletes and the modern day explorer, support the preservation of the outdoors, and inspire a global movement of exploration. This year, the outdoor brand is doubling down its efforts on the “land preservation” element of its mission, calling on governments around the world to recognize Earth Day as a national holiday. According to the petition, which has already amassed more than 108,000 signatures, “When people take time to appreciate Earth, they feel more connected to it and are more likely to protect it. That’s why we are taking a stand and committing that on Earth Day we will explore and connect with our surroundings. We believe love for our planet comes from having the freedom to explore it, and that Earth Day should be recognized as a national holiday everywhere.” With more and more companies observing important civic holidays, it’s great to see The North Face taking a global stand in observance of Planet Earth.  

Earth Day Deals that Give Back

For consumers looking for something in return (in case slowing down global warming wasn’t enough!) a few companies have sweetened the deal to get you on board. As outlined by Elite Daily, Orbitz is offering 10% off “eco-friendly” hotels; Lyft is providing New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Portland, and Columbus residents with free bike-shares to get to your destination emission-free, and SodaStream, the at-home soda and seltzer water-making company that can save a family 3,000 plastic bottles per year, is offering consumers 30% off  — better yet, if you’re a resident of a “green” town like Green Bay or Greenpoint, you can score 50% off your SodaStream starter kit — a great way to cut back on your single can and bottle usage!

A Platform Dedicated to Climate Change

“Young people are our future.” Especially when it comes to climate change. CNN is doubling down on this demographic with the launch of its new Instagram page, @CNNClimate. Today, the media company released a video of a handful of young people from around the world, sharing their greatest fears regarding climate change and how they aim to combat it. From policy change to fossil fuel reduction, the compelling social snapshot provides a glimpse into the lives of the passionate youth who stand ready to fight against climate change. To spark a broader conversation, CNN is encouraging followers to use #cnnclimate to share how you’re combatting climate change. It’s this type of grassroots, digital conversation that can reach and rally the masses and drive meaningful change.

On this Earth Day, and every day, be mindful of the impact you have on the planet. Small steps can and do make a difference.

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Bristol Whitcher Rice

Bristol is a vice president at Inkhouse. With nearly a decade of agency experience, she helps lead a variety of the company’s consumer, sustainability and corporate communications teams.

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