Facebook Announces New Bookmarking Feature

Jul 23, 2014 admin

Ever in a rush, but see something interesting on Facebook that you would like to explore when you have more time? This week, Facebook announced a new bookmarking feature called “Facebook Save” that allows users to flag or “save” items that interest them such as links, news stories, pictures, places, TV shows and music, so you can revisit them later.

The saved items are automatically archived into a list that is organized by category and users can view them at any time on mobile or on the web. To access saved items on mobile all users have to do is click the “More” tab, and on the web click the save feature link on the left side of the page. The lists will also remain completely private unless users choose to share them with their friends. And if you forget about something you saved, every so often Facebook will show you reminders in the News Feed.

With the announcement of its Paper app back in January and the addition of this new bookmarking feature, Facebook is definitely moving in a direction towards making the site a go-to news and information source. So if you haven’t made Facebook part of your syndication strategy yet, it’s time to get started. This platform is more important than ever for organizations and individuals looking to expand their reach.

For more information on Save, which will be available to everyone on iOS, Android and the web over the next few days, check out Facebook’s official blog post.

(Photo: Courtesy Facebook)
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