How to be a good human and brand

Mar 04, 2022 Laura Garofalo

Actions really do speak louder than words — your audience is watching (and judging) your every move. So today, we’re here to remind you about the importance of inclusive communications. 

Here’s what you can do: 

Own your mistakes.

Audiences want the truth (and also want something real). If you mess up, say so. Apologize, fix it and move on.

Look inward.

Listen and ask LOTs of questions. When we understand, we can begin to care and make change happen. 

Train your spokespeople.

Don’t leave this one to chance, even when things are rushed. Practice ensures intentionality and clarifies the message. And remember, spokespeople’s baggage becomes yours

Speak up.

No comment” isn’t good enough in these situations (and honestly, it doesn’t work in almost any situation). 

Triple-check your language.

As our society evolves, our language does too. Make sure all of your written and visual communication uses the correct pronouns and find extra time to check the phrasing and capitalization of cultural references

Find external expertise.

We tried creating DE&I initiatives on our own and made some mistakes. The experts we’ve found are helping us learn how to talk to each other about hard things — without judgment. We highly recommend Tara Jaye Frank and Lisa Kenney.

Topics: Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Inclusive Communications
Laura Garofalo

Laura is the vice president of marketing at Inkhouse.

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