InkHouse CEO Beth Monaghan Featured in PRWeek

Nov 08, 2016 admin

They're With Her: PR Execs Predict a Resounding Clinton Victory

Communications professionals including InkHouse CEO Beth Monaghan (@bamonaghan), were reached in an informal survey by PRWeek overwhelmingly predicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make history and become the first woman elected president of the United States.

Beth Monaghan
Clinton will win on Tuesday. Sure, I want her to win because it will be momentous for women's equality and opportunity, but that's not why she will win. Elan Kriegel is one of her top advisers, and he's running a mathematical game that is patient, methodical, and targeted. Understanding exactly who to reach, when to reach them, and how is the new science of public relations, and it's the thing that can win elections. 
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