The Modern PR Media Mix - Chapter One: Sponsored Content

Nov 07, 2016 admin

"Which media outlet published the latest news story you read? Many people don’t know. They read it on Facebook, or LinkedIn or Twitter — in the stream, as we like to say here at InkHouse.

Almost overnight, the relationship between consumers and content has radically changed. In fact, today, 62 percent of U.S. adults see news on social media. Also, consumers are less aware of the sources of their news, and more aware of the stories themselves.

Those stories are being delivered based on algorithms that match interests to news. And so the distinctions between what we in PR call “earned media” (traditional news coverage), “owned media” (blogs and social channels) and “paid media” (ads, sponsored social, etc.) have blurred."

The pace of the race for eyeballs on content has never been faster, and the consolidation of media consumption to platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites has made it even more difficult for brands to break through. This content saturation, how to break through, and the new tools available to us to do so are what we call the modern media mix: sponsored content, social media and content amplification. 

Chapter one of InkHouse's eBook, 'The Modern PR Media Mixis about Sponsored Content and available now for immediate download. Read, share and let us know what you think! 

The full and free ebook is also available here

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