Inkhouse "Meet The Press" Panel: Digital Transformation in Health Care Amid a Pandemic

Oct 16, 2020 Rachael Durant

#ICYMI: On October 15, we hosted our third "Meet the Press" panel with health care business reporters from The Boston Herald, Modern Healthcare, STAT and Yahoo! Finance to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting newsrooms and reporting. 

We discussed how this moment in time calls for the rapid adoption of digital health technologies among providers, navigating hurdles around patient access to telehealth and remote monitoring, increased public opinion of available treatments/vaccines, and predictions for what the future holds for the health care industry. For example, the journalists were in agreement that there will likely be an uptick in wearable usage — everything from fitness trackers to Bluetooth stethoscopes — to manage health care at home. 

Reporting on the pandemic since its earliest days, the consensus among the reporters was that COVID-19 has completely shifted editorial priorities. Attention from the general public has appreciably increased in a way it has not for other public health events: Readers are hungry for facts and information around the pandemic and regulatory processes for vaccines and treatments.

The reporters graciously offered insight into what types of PR pitches are landing with health care business press and how to break through the noise (hint: make sure you’re telling a story that’s newsworthy, relevant and timely with what's happening in the world around us). If you missed it, check out the recording below.

Rachael Durant

Rachael’s favorite part of her job is helping to tell stories on the best platform to reach the correct audience. As the manager of integrated PR strategy at Inkhouse, she is responsible for helping to craft and execute communications plans for a diverse range of clients, ensuring the teams are on-track to meet clients' goals. From social media content creation to media relations, her experience allows her to think strategically and creatively about storytelling across new and traditional platforms.

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