How Change Happens: 8 Insights From The Inkhouse Changemakers Series

Oct 15, 2020 Beth Monaghan

We launched Inkhouse Changemakers, a new content series, to share perspectives other than our own. We believe stories have the power to inspire action and make positive change happen in the world. I sat down with leaders across different industries whose stories are doing just that; creating new narratives and changing old ones -- whether it be social, technological, legislative, environmental, organizational and much more. The conversations go deep and the learnings are wide. 

Here are our favorite insights on how to make meaningful change happen: 

#1: Change takes competence and confidence from Iman Abuzeid, CEO and co-founder of client Incredible Health.

changemakers_image_Twitter LinkedIN FINAL (3)

#2: Change must be part of the organization’s DNA from Payam Banazadeh, founder & CEO of client Capella Space.

payam quote

#3: Change is driven by inclusivity from Beth Chandler, president & CEO of YW Boston.

#4: Change requires us not to give up just because it’s hard from Jesse Mermell, former candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 4th District.

jesse mermell

#5: Change takes perseverance and the ability to see opportunities amid difficulty from Maia Heymann, co-founder & general partner of Converge.

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#6: Change comes from challenging the status quo from Pam Wickham, friend and former client contact of Inkhouse.

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#7: Outsiders often have the unique perspective to drive change from Geeta Anand, interim dean of UC Berkeley Journalism.

Artboard 5 (6)

#8: Change is imagining what’s possible from John Bruce, co-founder & CEO of client Inrupt.

Changemakers_John_v1Artboard-5_2 (2)

If you’ve got a big idea for meaningful change, we’ll get it to the people who matter wherever they are -- in the media, in the real world, and all over the digital one. Contact our team today at

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Beth Monaghan

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