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Mar 26, 2020 Jason Morris

Today, we’re launching InkHouse QuickStart Launch -- a project-based package of services specifically designed for helping seed founders, Series A startups or even new ventures within established companies -- launch their PR programs from scratch. QuickStart Launch includes all of the PR and social media execution you would typically expect around a new funding, company or product launch, combined with all of the planning, strategy, storytelling, spokesperson and content development that needs to happen to make that launch successful.

The new QuickStart Launch program -- all of which can be planned and executed virtually over Zoom, Slack and email (or the collaboration platforms you use) includes:

    • QuickStart Storytelling. InkHouse’s proprietary storytelling workshop that maps your company narrative to your audiences’ emotional drivers and megatrends being written about in the media every single day. 
    • QuickStart Media Coaching. Interactive sessions, mock interviews and tools and tips to help founders and executives succeed in their initial launch interviews led by an InkHouse media coaching expert.
    • QuickStart Social. Establishing of initial social platforms, including custom-designed content for future social communications and launch amplification developed by an InkHouse digital expert. 
    • QuickStart Content. Development of an anchor piece of content to drive launch communications and media outreach developed by an InkHouse content expert. 
    • QuickStart Media. Development of a media outreach plan mapped to  the audiences you want to reach to achieve your business goals. Tactical outreach conducted by an InkHouse media expert.
    • QuickStart Dashboard. We develop a QuickStart Launch dashboard that can be used for board presentations and to capture things that went well and things we should adjust for future launches.
    • QuickStart Crisis PR Plan. COVID-19 has shined a light on the importance of developing a proactive crisis plan, because once it happens, it’s too late. We’ll help your organization use our template to build out a plan for your most likely crisis scenario.

Why We’re Launching This 

Back in mid-2019, I started talking to our CEO Beth Monaghan about the development of a PR services package targeted directly at Seed-stage company founders and Series A startups who needed support as they first launched to market. The thinking at the time was that years of record financings for venture-backed companies combined with a tight job market for PR professionals meant that the PR industry had limited bandwidth for taking on projects or retainers in the neighborhood of what a startup can and should pay for PR services. 

Part of what drove this realization were conversations with the VC firms with whom we work most closely. They told us that it was a struggle for them and their portfolio companies to find PR partners good at both narrative development AND PR launch execution within a budget they could afford. Simply put, there was a major gap in the market

That market gap nagged at us here at InkHouse given that we were always  an agency that worked with venture-backed, early-stage companies going back to our founding in 2007. Our co-founders’ time at Charles River Ventures led to an agency model purpose-built to work with startups and our early reputation had been built on being the first agency partner for a number of now well-known brands.

So when Danny Crichton of TechCrunch posted an article last week advising that Seed and other early-stage companies still conduct funding and company launches, even in an uncertain economic environment, it inspired us. He wrote, “First and foremost, the single-most important signal you can send to your investors, employees, customers and anyone else involved with your startup right now is that you are 1) open for business, 2) secure financially and 3) ready to continue to grow (or at least survive) despite the adverse events of the past few weeks. There is no greater tool you have to make that argument than showing the world that you have capital on the balance sheet.”

With that post as inspiration, we thought there was no better time to dust off our plans and launch a new service. The feeling being that innovation is something that thrives during down economic cycles and anything we can do to get the word out about new innovations in technology, healthcare, biotech and consumer businesses will help drive positive stories into the market and give people hope that there are promising new markets and market leaders on the horizon. 

If the past two recessions have shown us anything, it’s that innovation continues and even accelerates during a down economy. There are thousands of people who right now are looking at inefficiencies in technology, medicine, wellness, agriculture, consumer goods, finance and business, and developing new products, services and concepts, that will shape the 2020s and beyond. If getting the word out about those innovations can help those companies cost-effectively hire, acquire customers, solidify partnerships or new rounds of investment, then we’re here to help. If you’re a founder, marketer or a startup investor interested in learning more about InkHouse QuickStart Launch, contact

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Jason Morris

Jason is president of Inkhouse and spearheads agency growth from the San Francisco Bay Area. His singular mission is to debunk the myth that people can't be happy long term on the agency side of PR where he has spent more than 20 years working with companies in venture capital, technology and consumer.

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