Medium Rolls Out New Tools For Publishers - and It is Epic

Feb 01, 2016 admin

Medium is known for being a “different kind of place to read and write on the internet,” and they just took their platform to the next level. The company announced three new features, per popular request by users, to enhance the writing and publishing experience of the platform. Starting off as a new way to interact with a belief that great writers deserve a great audience, Medium’s features have continued to grow and this release is no exception. Here is the breakdown of the new features:

Scheduled Publishing
•    As a result of an integration with Twitter, writers will now be able to schedule their posts, specifying a date and time for when their story should be distributed. It’s very similar to tools like WordPress, which is convenient especially when users have embargoes or pieces they think will reach a farther audience at a later date. Ready to publish now? Would your post resonate with readers at a later date? Now, you are in control of publishing at peak traffic times.

Connect Twitter to Publications
•    You are now able to connect your Twitter account to your Medium publication (PR people REJOICE). Meaning, your Twitter followers who also have Medium accounts will automatically become followers of your publication. As found on the “about page,” users will have the option to connect to Twitter, with the option to disconnect at any time. This is especially epic for PR folks, as we are always looking to target specific audiences by sharing messages and ideas on different platforms.

Letter Statistics
•    In 2015 Medium introduced Letters, a new way to connect with your publication’s followers and start a conversation. Now, with the new tool, users can view stats for Letters sent through Medium. Simply by going to the Letters page of your publication, you can track how many letters were sent and how your content is resonating with your viewers, along with how many were opened, and how many people clicked on one or more links within your piece. This streamline allows the publisher to get an inside view into the value and engagement factor of the piece.

It is now easier than ever to share your ideas and begin freely writing and sharing with Medium’s additions. The well designed network produces the connections for the users and allows the creation of new meaningful discoveries. With the flexibility to choose when to publish, along with the ability to include your social media followers in the conversation, Medium just made the job of public relations professionals - and thought leaders - a bit more electrifying. We will be keeping our eye on the platform and are anticipating more updates to come in the near future.

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