My Golden Carrot Talk: Lost and Finding Normal

Sep 23, 2016 admin

She could paint circles around anyone; I can’t even draw a straight line.

He is so smart; I’ll never be that good at my job.

Everyone is so put together; I’m falling apart.

We’ve all done it; compared ourselves to someone else or wished that we could be something different than who we are. In my Golden Carrot talk for InkHouse, I share my story of finding and accepting myself – of recognizing that personality begins where comparison leaves off, and a successful career starts with trusting your own thoughts and ideas.

This video is a short peek into my talk. You can also read my full authentic story here. I hope you enjoy, but more importantly, I hope you find some inspiration to be unique, be confident and be yourself.

 Click here to view InkHouse's full Golden Carrot video series.

Topics: Storytelling, Video

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