PR in the Post-Truth Era: Be Ready to Promote, Be Targeted

May 04, 2017 admin

Sometimes, getting great media coverage isn’t enough.

In a world of information overload where everyone is immune to shocking headlines, it’s hard to ensure that your coverage will be seen. When an article is published, you have a limited time on a publication’s homepage, if any, so content syndication and social paid media can help increase the reach of your coverage.

Be ready to promote

A paid syndication service like Outbrain will help extend the reach of your coverage. Content syndication allows you to get even more out of your coverage by placing it in front of engaged audiences on high profile websites like, Slate, and ESPN through suggested content features at the bottom of the page. Not only can content syndication amplify your media coverage to reach more people, it also extends the shelf-life of your coverage beyond when it appears on a main homepage of a publication.

Most importantly, content syndication can help you promote the messages you want people to hear in the middle of a PR crisis. In a crisis, you can create your own piece of content or promote coverage that highlights the message you want to get out.

Be targeted

Paid social media campaigns allow brands to reach to re-engage their current audience, reach beyond their current audience, and learn more about their audience. Paid social allows you to be hyper-targeted in who you want to reach - whether that be people who already know and follow you, or a specific subset of new people you want to connect with.

Depending on the social network, you can target by very specific locations - down to the zip code - and very specific interests and behaviors. By using social media to reach these people, you have the benefit of reaching them in a world where they consume content and engage with it.

Overall, the Post-Truth Era brings new challenges to getting your message and coverage seen. Don’t be afraid to consider ways to promote and target your content so that you can reach your desired audiences where they are most likely to engage.

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