RSA Conference 2019: A Guide to Building Connections

Feb 26, 2019 Tiffany Darmetko

Simply put, PR is about connections. The same can be said for nearly every aspect of life. In fact, “Scientist Matthew Lieberman makes the case that our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water,” writes Scientific American’s Gareth Cook. But we live at a time when the world is plagued by divisive forces. Here at InkHouse, a firm that champions progress as a core value, our CEO Beth Monaghan has called for renewed focus in 2019 on the various, positive ways to forge connections and generate attention.

Those of us in information security can relate. We’re conditioned to operate in an environment that’s clouded by fear, uncertainty and doubt. The figures are staggering with more than $124 billion in global information security spent on solutions to keep the bad guys at bay, while cybercrime rates and damage costs continue to balloon into the trillions. Meanwhile, security practitioners suffer from big stressors like breach worry, tool fatigue, and a talent shortage as they attempt to see and control increasingly complex IT environments.

At InkHouse, we take our mission seriously to spotlight talented people and powerful innovations that are helping to tip the cybersecurity scales in favor of good. As members of the security community, we recognize the importance of openness and connections across the private sector, government and academia to achieve collaborative gains, as do our clients, which hail from all three areas.

RSA Conference understands too. We love this year’s conference theme of Better. “Ensuring a brighter future requires all of us -- everyone from the C-suite to those of us on the front lines -- to be better today,” says RSA Conference Curator Sandra Toms. “Never forget the fundamental reason why we’re here: to help ensure a more secure world so others can get on with the business of making it a better one.”

As the security industry’s marquee event, RSA Conference offers a prime forum to take important connective steps like convening different points of view, listening, and bringing back person-to-person interactions. But it’s a zoo, both the online chatter and the actual scene at the Moscone Center come March when upwards of 50,000 people descend on San Francisco to talk cyber.

For attending and exhibiting organizations, competition is fierce for the spotlight. Being seen and heard by -- and fusing connections with -- target audiences takes proper strategy and execution, and this includes reaching media and influencers. In the spirit of helping security companies break through the noise, position themselves as a valued resource to media, and maximize their event investment, today we present the InkHouse RSA Conference 2019 Guide to Building Connections. It features an analysis of data collected on trending security conversations across traditional and social media paired with findings from a survey of journalists planning to attend the event. You can download it here.

We look forward to connecting with you in San Francisco!

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Tiffany Darmetko

Tiffany helps tech innovators – both emerging-growth and established companies – to differentiate themselves and succeed in competitive markets through targeted and aggressive integrated communications programs. Her expertise spans markets such as cyber security, cloud computing, enterprise software and renewable energy. Tiffany has led the PR efforts of more than a dozen IT security companies, leading to numerous acquisitions. She has a B.S. in Public Relations from Boston University’s College of Communication.

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