The Conclusion to Project Curiosity

Oct 05, 2018 admin

At InkHouse we believe in the power of story. Three months ago, we began a journey called Project Curiosity to find new and effective engagement strategies at a time when so many consumers are tuning out due to “news fatigue” and negativity online.

We thought we’d end this project by focusing on music. Music is powerful because it’s personal; it connects us to our emotions, memories, and our society. Listening to our favorite songs is a workout for the brain because it activates both spheres and all sections. Music has become a very successful industry. For example, last year was Broadway’s highest-grossing season and earned $1.45 billion in revenue with a large part of that due to the success and popularity of “Hamilton.” Music is effective storytelling because it challenges our worldview and forces us to step outside of ourselves.

For this last installment of Project Curiosity, we asked our team to create a playlist by sharing songs that make them feel more connected to other people, ideas, experiences -- ultimately through the universal language of music to tell a connective story. The results are a view into the soul of InkHouse. Below is our playlist.

Topics: Storytelling, Culture, #ProjectCuriosity, Music

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