The Modern PR Media Mix - Chapter Three: Amplification

Jan 06, 2017 admin

Is your content great even if nobody hears about it? Sure, but successful content is content that is shared, read and consumed by audiences, done in part through amplification.

Amplification comes to life in many ways. Amplification can mean using social media to gain more followers for your channels, or to get more attention on a particular piece of coverage, news story or announcement. Other times, amplification extends the reach of the number of viewers or the amount of engagement you could get through normal distribution on the wire or on a website.

Amplification can offer your content both a bigger and a more targeted audience, depending on the approach you take, helping to make sure your story is heard by as many members of your desired audience as possible.

In order to get the results that you want for your stories, you need to adapt to the changing times and consider amplification part of your media mix. Learn more in Chapter Three of InkHouse's eBook, 'The Modern PR Media Mix,' available now for immediate download.

Ready for more? Take your PR and marketing efforts to the next level by using amplification in addition to sponsored content and social media, the other parts of the modern PR media mix. Learn more about how you can use these services to get your content the kind of engagement you’re looking for by downloading the full and free ebook to download, of which you can find here.

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