Time for a Brand Refresh? A Checklist

May 11, 2016 admin

As you may have guessed, we’re big believers in the value of brand strategy, design and communications here at InkHouse. PR strategies can add depth, color, and cohesion to the building blocks of brand identity. As astute message makers and storytellers, we know the importance of evolving a brand over time to keep it relevant – without having an identity crisis. Refreshing your brand is so much more than a logo tweak or a new coat of paint on the corporate identity. Done right, a rebrand can have significant financial results

First, let’s examine what a brand refresh actually entails. 

As distinct from a complete redesign - for example, due to a merger, acquisition, ownership change or other business dynamic - your brand refresh should deliver your sharpened brand promise and give your business new life.

To get your target audience to select you over the competition; to see your business as the primary provider of the solution to their problem or need, that is where your brand aspirations should live. To identify with you, your brand must reside in the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It should consistently encompass everything from design through tone and voice of communications, storytelling, perceptions, relationships, environments and experiences = brand value. 

Brand not only creates loyal customers, but it creates loyal employees. Brand gives them something tangible to believe in, to aspire to, and should be integrated into all interactions from the recruiting process to on boarding, and firmly entrenched in HR communications. 

Is your current brand distinct in the marketplace? Does it tell your story? We don’t all have to be as savvy as Jeff Bezos to simply conduct an audit, define your desired brand and start to bridge that gap. 

Here’s a checklist to help you decide whether it’s time for a brand refresh:

  • How old is your brand identity?
  • Does it accurately represent your business?
  • Has your business outgrown it?
  • Is it distinctive? Memorable? Purposeful?
  • Does it create an emotional connection with your audience?

If the answers to those questions above are yes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

It’s important to remember that, while your current brand identity may not pass muster, it has built up brand equity over time. Tread carefully if considering a complete overhaul of all elements, as you risk alienating established customers and damaging the brand perception. Rejuvenation comes in many forms. 

A fresh brand is vital as the battle for customers’ attention intensifies daily. Your business could depend upon it. 

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