Video Q&A: What U.S. Companies Need to Consider When Expanding PR Into Europe

Oct 01, 2020 Jill Creelman

Expanding PR and communications efforts into a new country is no easy feat. Europe for example, has 51 countries, each one with its own unique media landscape and market needs. At Inkhouse, when our U.S clients look to expand PR into Europe, there are some important considerations to take into account before taking the first step.

We spoke to our international partners at Firefly - a pan-European communications and PR agency - about the key things to consider before expanding PR programs into Europe - from local market needs and varying media appetites to budget and keys to success. 

In the video below, we talk about the five key tips for successfully expanding efforts into Europe, including:

  1. Think about your priority countries, not an entire region
  2. Don’t spread yourself too thin when it comes to resources and budget 
  3. Treat countries individually, with a consistent European strategy across the board
  4. Set expectations among key stakeholders internally so there are no surprises 
  5. Use the local market expertise and knowledge from the right partners

Thanks to our partners at Firefly in France, Germany, and the UK for sharing their insights and tips for U.S. companies looking to expand their PR programs to Europe. 

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Jill Creelman

Jill is a vice president, based in Sacramento, Calif. With nearly nine years of agency experience, Jill is passionate about telling creative stories and moving the needle for fast-growing startups. She co-leads the security practice at Inkhouse and has taken companies through major financial milestones, from launching out of stealth and early financing rounds to IPOs and acquisitions. She helps spearhead the international partnership program at Inkhouse across EMEA and APJ for clients looking to expand efforts worldwide.

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