Why it’s time for a content audit

Nov 14, 2022 Laura Garofalo

It might be time to audit your content marketing program if you need to: 

  • Create a new category (find the whitespace to own and lead)
  • Break through the noise (understand why your content isn’t performing)
  • Rebrand or launch a new website (clarify your story)

Our #client Mend (formerly WhiteSource) turned to us to help them with a content audit ahead of their rebrand. We:

🔎 Analyzed over 400 website pages including two blogs and their products and services landing pages

💬 Researched top keywords including the competitors to help inform SEO strategy

📊 Examined content performance by looking at metrics such as page views, backlinks, and time spent on the pages 

📱 Reviewed social media channels to find new, fresh ways to boost engagement

💡 Created a content marketing strategy to improve blog authority and overall social media presence

📝 Developed a plan with specific recommendations on what content to create, update, repurpose, remove or redirect

This exercise optimized Mend’s content marketing program and provided them with a new roadmap on how to tell their story post-rebrand.

We see lots of companies burn out from content—spending too much time creating new pieces that aren’t seen, heard, or shared. This often happens when there’s no strategy behind the content. A content audit is a good place to start: use the insights to inform your plan and help you make objective decisions about what content you create and where you distribute it. 

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Topics: Storytelling, Content Strategy, Digital Content Audit
Laura Garofalo

Laura is the vice president of marketing at Inkhouse.

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