6 Tips To Make Content Creation Easier

Feb 08, 2022 Laura Garofalo

Launching a new blog, newsletter or podcast is scary. 

Putting yourself out there and building your own brand takes some serious courage and vulnerability, too. You’re on the hook to create quality content…frequently. This is not easy to do.

Content is a commitment. 

But don’t let your fear take over. Overthinking the strategy can lead to indecision. Throw the fear out the window, but use that adrenaline to push you forward in your content journey.

You just have to decide to start somewhere. Here are six ways to make content creation easier this year: 

#1: Stay connected to news and culture. 

The best content is relevant to what’s happening now. Ideas are everywhere; keep your eyes and ears open for trends that can be wrapped in to give an evergreen piece a timely news hook. Or use that moment in time to create new content.

#2: Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

Instead of constantly churning out new content, put your producer hat on and audit the content that already exists. Be on the lookout for those soundbite gems hidden in old podcast episodes, recorded speeches or events, videos, blogs, and social posts. All you need is a fresh tone and format (hint: the more visual, the better). 

#3: Create series, not just campaigns. 

Predictability is comforting in these unpredictable times. That’s why we love themed content—it provides consistency to the reader/viewer. You can develop content series for each business goal (recruiting, lead gen, etc) and plot them across your content calendar. This makes planning a breeze. Just make sure to consider the frequency of each series so that it’s a pace people can rely on. 

#4: Empower your executives to be more vocal on social media. 

Hearing the company updates straight from the CEO or top business leader on social media or other channels is more personal than a press release. It’s the best way to humanize your brand, build a following and amplify your thought leadership program. (Hint: those social soundbites are perfect fodder for a company newsletter or future blog posts!)

#5: Embed employee content into your strategy. 

People posts perform. It’s also the most authentic way to show your culture. And your employees will appreciate it too. Your content has the power to make your employees feel more connected to each other and it can even improve their overall experience working at your company!  

#6: Do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. 

Experiment with different types of content on your owned channels. What’s performing? Let the data guide you, but have fun with it! And remember, perfectionism doesn’t get you anywhere

“When you’re producing your own content, quality is the differentiator…the good stuff rises to the top.” — Dan O’Mahony, general manager of California, Inkhouse

Laura Garofalo

Laura is the vice president of marketing at Inkhouse.

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