Five considerations before you quit Facebook

Oct 03, 2022 Laura Garofalo

Facebook is feeling the heat. If you want our PR opinion, it’s not handling this crisis well with threats of litigation and aggressive communications department tweets at reporters. Bullying never wins over the press or an audience.

A second whistleblower is willing to testify before Congress. And now we know that its algorithms are driving profits instead of keeping humans safe. Is federal regulation more imminent?

Regardless of whether you’re for or against it, the recent Facebook outages showed marketers everywhere the importance of diversifying communications channels and ad dollars. So before you quit Facebook, here are five considerations: 

#1. Ask why you're there

Facebook is a consumer audience composed mostly of Gen X and Boomers. Not who you’re after? Then maybe it’s time to rethink how you’re using the platform. Understand your audiences and goals before changing your marketing plan. 

#2: Know the reasons to stay

Don’t turn your back if you have an established Facebook community. An active and engaged Facebook presence can help influence SEO. Many brands find success using it to promote new products or communicate customer service updates while others see it more as a culture-building tool. If you must leave (and believe us, we get why you would!), do it thoughtfully. Create a migration plan so you can stay connected with your community.

#3: Up your content engagement game

Fear is not the only way to get attention. Create more videos or reels to increase the searchability (and shareability) of your content. Or host a live event. For example, our #client PhysicianOne Urgent Care uses Facebook Live to educate patients about top-of-mind health concerns such as COVID-19 vaccines for kids. Regardless of which platform(s) you choose to focus on, always engage with your audience. Ask questions. Share results. Be responsive. 

#4: Don’t put your eggs in one basket

When Facebook and its family of apps went offline for hours, people ran to Twitter to get updates or to vent. It’s important to have a multi-channel presence so that your audience has other ways to connect with you. This brings us to the next point. 

#5: Create awareness (and community) beyond social media

Lean into your owned media properties like your blog or newsletter. This adds self-reliance to your marketing strategy because you can’t always depend on third parties. We refer to it as building your own newsroom. Your message, in your words, to your audiences on your channels.

“This is not a legal battle for Facebook. It's one of hearts, minds, and most of all, trust. That doesn't happen in a courtroom.”

Beth Monaghan, CEO & founder, Inkhouse


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Laura Garofalo

Laura is the vice president of marketing at Inkhouse.

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