Four Tips for Pitching Products to Consumer and Lifestyle Media

Aug 23, 2017 Jill Creelman

When your target audience is mainstream consumers, the media outreach game is substantially different from telling B2B stories and pitching enterprise technology reporters. Success lies in knowing how to break through to busy consumer and lifestyle reporters—and so we’ve compiled the following tips: 

  1. 1. Mainstream reporters want to be treated like consumers, meaning they don’t want to be subjected to marketing buzzwords and deep-tech language. Bear in mind these reporters receive upwards of 200 pitches a day, so make sure yours stands out so you catch not only their attention but also their editor’s attention.

Tip: Get straight to the point with short, casual pitches that tell them what’s new and beneficial about your product or idea.

  1. 2. Many reporters are urban-city dwellers, which means they usually have no shortage of events to attend. How will you persuade them to attend your event over a competing one? Be sure to convey why your event will be worth their time—even if it’s a breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner meeting as opposed to something fancier.

Tip: Get creative about testing different approaches. Consider using good ol’ USPS to send handwritten event invites along with your new product (or related items). Think about what’s really going to excite them.

  1. 3. Reporters want to form relationships just as much as we do. As PR pros, we want to be able to go to them with ideas, and they want to come to us as trusted resources.

Tip: Do your research. Only send reporters products and ideas that you are confident will relate to their coverage or personal interest areas. Even if they don’t write about it right away, you’re more likely to be top of mind for the future.

  1. 4. Think outside the box - what worked last year isn’t going to keep working so be sure to consistently bring new ideas to the table that’ll excite media.

Tip: Think about podcast ideas, pop-up displays to show off your product first hand, a new speaking opportunity and more.

Remember, a creative and thoughtful media relations strategy is what’s needed to stand out in a very crowded space. 

Topics: Media Relations, Public Relations, Earned Media, PR, Storytelling
Jill Creelman

Jill is a vice president, based in Sacramento, Calif. With nearly nine years of agency experience, Jill is passionate about telling creative stories and moving the needle for fast-growing startups. She co-leads the security practice at Inkhouse and has taken companies through major financial milestones, from launching out of stealth and early financing rounds to IPOs and acquisitions. She helps spearhead the international partnership program at Inkhouse across EMEA and APJ for clients looking to expand efforts worldwide.

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