Leaning In, Opting Out, and Living a F@ck Yes Life

Nov 21, 2016 Jill Rosenthal

This story was inspired by an article I read titled, “Can Stay-At-Home Moms Really Go Back To Work?” This question really hit home for me and became the catalyst for my Golden Carrot talk, delivered to a room full of colleagues this summer.

I spoke about my journey from being a regular working person to a mom who stayed at home. But thanks to great timing and a deep interest in then-emerging social media, I never completely “opted out.” Later, I found my way back to the workplace - slowly but surely - by traversing a long and winding road. This is my story of having leaned out a little, opted back in, and the life events in between that shaped my journey. It’s also the story of life choices, and my choice to live a F@ck Yes Life.

Take a peek into my talk, below. Then read the story. But if you choose to turn back here, I leave you with this: no matter where the road takes you or what you are faced with; as you make your way toward dry land or even less dramatically feel the tug of discontent pulling at you, think about whether you’re living a F@ck Yes life. And let that be your guide. 

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Topics: Careers, Women in the Workplace, Golden Carrot

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